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Being an associate means that you are a member of an active, creative, very sociable and welcoming organisation. For a modest £20 annual subscription, as well as donating to the maintenance, preservation of the Butte and this Butte website, you will also be able to communicate and interact with other members. Associates will receive a membership pack and will receive by mail various quality newsletters a year along with other email and related updates. These newsletters will bring members bang up to date with whats happening on this very important site. This as you will appreciate is a relatively new venture so the ultimate aim when numbers grow is to publish a proposed Butte magazine for which we will encourage all associates to contribute articles and information which may be of interest. It is our aim that members get every opportunity to meet each other and swop stories. A good outlet for this aim would be the annual spring Butte maintenance Working Weekend and via the site we try and publish when folk will be in the area so that they can meet up for a coffee or a beer. If there are enough people in the area for example in November, there is no reason why a meal cannot be for example organised in a local restaurant or hotel near to the Butte with nearby Bapaume being the obvious choice of location. Whether Covid will allow all this at some point in 2020 who knows, maybe 2021 will allow more opportunities.

The maintenance of the site is a big job. As a matter of routine, the grass at the top and the bottom car park area is cut regularly from March to November. The shrubbery etc is different. We planned to have a working weekend in April 2020 but as you know the world changed. We aim however to reconvene in April 2021 and where we can cut back shrubs, tidy the site, paint any handrails and more. Obviously health and safety in such weekends is paramount. All associates are of course more than welcome to attend and help out if they can spend an hour or so, further details will appear on the website or in the Associates newsletter. There will be a BBQ in Morval over the working weekend to which all helpers are more than welcome to attend.

If you would like to help preserve the Butte de Warlencourt for future generations please join or even perhaps make a small donation. As above, your subscription will go towards essential maintenance as well as helping supporting other events. When you join you will receive a membership pack including including your uniquely numbered membership card, a car sticker and a back copy of the last newsletter. It is planned in due course that if there is a demand Butte Associates t-shirts and related be fully available for purchase. T-shirts, hoodies and beanie hats have already been designed. Details can be obtained by emailing info@buttedewarlencourt.com. Dare we say, they look pretty nice indeed.

We have already set up the Butte de Warlencourt associates Face book page which will go live when there is the demand. Associates will of course be registered if they wish. This will be a special discussion group, administered and designed to provide easy communication between group members. It will be free and all discussions will be strictly private. The Butte's Instagram account has now attracted hundreds of followers - check this out if you get a minute. The address is butte_de_warlencourt.

Can we kindly point out that the Associates of the Butte de Warlencourt is an non profit making group. All monies received will be invested on the Butte, its maintenance and development or its activities i.e website, newsletters etc. If of course you do not wish to join as an associate, please consider making a small donation. There is a Donation Button at the bottom of this page and in various other locations in the site. If however, you would find it simpler to join or make a donation by bank transfer, we would be delighted if you did so. Our bank details are: Butte de Warlencourt Association, Bank of Scotland - sort code 80-22-60, Account number - 18641160.

Thank you for reading all the above, we really do hope that you take the two minutes out and join as an Associate. we are trying to give the Butte as much love care and attention as possible and would certainly welcome your help.

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