Butte de Warlencourt

Bobs next visit now arranged following op.


Bobs next visit now arranged following op.

14 May 2019

Good news. The new knee is a version of up and running, (not quite bending however!) so as scheduled Bob and Julia will arrive in Morval around 24th May.

After waiting for ages, Bob eventually got his new knee replacement. Its healing nicely but the swelling is months away from going down. Being realistic, it was just not feasible to contemplate travelling before now i.e. just too soon after the op and against medical advice. This operation has totally changed the plans for the year.

Ok, Bob might not be fit enough to clamber all over the Butte with a chainsaw (that will be in July) but the main aim of this visit has to be getting the new WFA information boards put in situ. More about these boards are in another News snippet. The Butte has a story to tell so lets tell it!

The picture shows the Cloches at Morval on the site of the former church.