Butte de Warlencourt

Butte website progress update - 20 June 2019


Butte website progress update - 20 June 2019

20 June 2019

Good evening,

Its the 20 June 2019, so we thought it useful to take 5 minutes to let everybody know where we are re the website.

At its simplest all the sections are now live and working well. Please take a couple of minutes, have a look and have a play about. This was a brand new site starting from scratch so it really has been stage by stage, bit by bit. Initial feedback has been good which of course is nice.

Two new tabs were added to the History page cover the periods pre 1914 and post 1914. Two really interesting articles have been added to the post 1914 page. We still have to populate the pre 1914 page but the loose aim here is Bob will pulling hopefully good articles for this in July. Of course if anybody has an article which is suitable, please send it in. Delighted to use it.

As before we are please that the Be an Associate section is now up and running. The PayPal buttons for associate memberships and donations have been tested and working perfectly. Big thanks to those who have joined as an associate or have donated. If people do not like using PayPal, the Associations bank account details are now shown also so monies can be transferred

The News section is the main channel for keeping folk up to date re the Butte. The details published here will be dynamic, real time and updated frequently.

Have a look at the Gallery, hover your mouse over a picture and get information about the picture. If you have a picture of the Butte or anything related to the Butte, please send it to us. We would be delighted to show it. The Contact us section is there, ready to be used.

Finally on the main home page, as you will see, we have added two additional colour pictures. We have also changed the banner picture at the top to the instantly recognisably WW1 picture of the Butte.

What does this leave to do? Maintaining a website is like painting the Forth Rail Bridge i.e. time you finish, it is time to start again!

The aim of course is to constantly improve what we have developed so far, however, two areas higher up the list are optimising the site for viewing on mobiles and the standardising of picture sizes. There is a bit of work tidying up the programming behind the scenes. The site was originally developed in WordPress then changed to HTML. Big thank you here for the efforts of Malcolm MacTavish of MMC Interactive for all his web input. He truly is a web guru.

As before, we want as many people as possible to engage with the Butte and to visit it. We really hope this website will assist in the aim.