Butte de Warlencourt

The seeds are planted


The seeds are planted

28 May 2019

About 4 years ago, I personally put a small fence around the memorial, filled it with compost and planted flowers. Looked ace. The passage of time however and neglect, results in the above picture this week. Looks awful.

My thoughts were start again i.e. new fence blah blah. However the votes of the Luxembourg jury i.e. my wife says no - tidy the earth, put in fertiliser and add wild flowers. This view then being endorsed by a poll of visitors to the Butte.

So whilst Charles and Bob erected the leg of the fifth WFA information board, Julia tidied up the area around the memorial, raked in compost and fertiliser and planted the wild seeds. These should look great in time. The weather i.e. hammering down being perfect of sorts for the newly planted seeds.

Ok a wee bit of time and effort but the Butte is worth every second of it.