Butte de Warlencourt

WFA information boards now all erected. Initial feedback very positive.


WFA information boards now all erected. Initial feedback very positive.

06 June 2019

A big day indeed and one that I have looked forward to for a number of years since I kicked off the Butte project in my WFA days.

The WFA information boards are now duly in situ on the Butte. There are 5 information boards - one near the gate, one half way up and three at the top. One of the boards is the badly needed orientation board. It looks good - they all do.

Only minor hiccup was regarding the new separate WFA sponsors names board. This is meant to be located at the entrance however the brackets supplied were the wrong type. This board is temporary installed at the top to be moved to its correct position when we get the correct fittings.

A huge thank you to Charles and Julia for their help this week in this major board erecting exercise. Their pictures are in the Gallery section. I will get murdered from Julia for putting a picture of her on the website in her working clothes!

An equally huge thank you also to the Western Front Association for supplying the boards and to those who put serious time and effort into getting them to the production stage.

These boards are a major enhancement to the site. For years I have been saying the Butte has a story to tell, I am delighted to say -the story has now started being told. The boards can only do so much, this website and other additional avenues for example have an important role to play also.

A great day indeed, one of the best days of my life. More background details will also be in the next Associates newsletter.

Ps. 6 June update. Initial feedback is brilliant. Very positive indeed. Guess what - the Butte has started telling its story!