Butte de Warlencourt

Paintwork on the rails etc.


Paintwork on the rails etc.

03 June 2019

Ok, lets be honest. The paintwork we have inherited on the handrails etc is not the best. The last paint applied has flaked and deteriorated badly so perhaps through nobody's fault the wrong type of paint was used. Anyway we are where are and need to do something about it. At some future point, we will consider going back to the bare wood but not at the moment.

Over the last months, I have been in contact with master painters in Scotland as to what product to put on and as to what product will actually stay on. We came up with an expensive Scandinavian paint which should do the trick ie cover what's there, look good and remain there for a few years over the extremities of the winter and the summer.

Last week on the Butte, I trialled a small area. The paint went on well and looked fine. I'd rather we were back at the cuprinoled seasoned wood scenario but we are not. Once paint is applied its hard to go back. Its like painting the outside of your house - once done, its hard to undo.

So lets go for it.

Week commencing the 15 July will hopefully see the start of the repainting. It will be done in sections. Firstly will be the car park to the gate, then then the summit area and finally the walkway. Please note its just not practical to successfully paint the walkway treads - these will remain as it i.e the weathered not manicured look. They look fine. Red edges however will be smartened up.

Its is also the plan that week will see a bit more time in cutting back some of the vegetation. This is an ongoing task being honest with Charles playing a perfect Stihl sawing role.