Butte de Warlencourt

Update Butte improvements and thoughts - May 2019


Update Butte improvements and thoughts - May 2019

14 May 2019

Ok where are we Mid May 2019?

The grass maintenance has started again, the new plaques are on the benches, the benches now re varnished and looking good and a good few animal scrapings have been back filled also. All a promising start.

Good news. The contents of the five new WFA information boards have been agreed, with the boards going into the final stages of production in a few days. The boards will be transported to the battlefields and all going to plan will be erected over a couple of days week commencing 27 May with Bob of course playing the sore knee card, so all the digging being done by Julia. Postcrete etc will be purchased in France. These boards have been long anticipated, its great they are nearing fruition. The project to erect them will be well covered in this web site.

Next, an easy one. We will reinstate in a fortnight, the small fence around the memorial and sow nice wild French flowers. We did this a couple of years ago - it looked ace.

So what else are we thinking about?

1 High up the list is the flaking paintwork on the handrails. At its simplest, the wrong paint was used a few years ago. The attached picture shows the massive problem well. These things happen, so it has to be fixed to look good. This is a big job which will be done in stages. The paint on the actual pathway needs serious thinking as to logistics of doing so etc due to the non slip treads. We have been speaking to master painters as to what type of paint to use. Following these talks, we will be testing a discrete area with a new paint in a few weeks to see how that works out. If all goes to plan, the painting will start in July with the car park to the gate being the first to be attacked. More to follow!

2 We are well aware that the last four sections of the ascent path are pretty steep indeed. We are looking at cost effective ways to try and improve and flatten the sections a bit.

3 The maintenance of keeping the bushes, shrubbery on the sides as tidy as possible has started.

Other areas/thoughts include:

- Bob has been in touch with the local authorities in the long term hope to better the road directional signage to the Butte.

- We want to liaise with the local tourist offices and bus touring companies to ensure their assistance to get the Butte well established on the tourist trail.

- We will register the Butte as a French Association. There is nothing ominous here. This is necessary in the event any local funding may be available.

- We will obviously work with the local community wherever possible.

All exciting stuff. All done in the aim to attract as many people as possible to the Butte and to engage with it. If you have any ideas, please let us know. Deliberately not mentioned here at this stage is working parties etc. Being honest, we see this being far more likely next year.