Butte de Warlencourt

The mystery head stone


The mystery head stone

12 March 2019

Visitors to the Butte will have seen the headstone which is clearly visible from the car park area.

This stone was uncovered by erstwhile Butte supporters Charles and Blanch Crossan who live nearby, when helping with the clearing.

Its seems that indeed that this was the headstone of a former owner who was buried on the Butte around 1890 ish.

Undoubtedly the ravages of war has seen the grave being destroyed. Does this then mean he has been buried as an unknown elsewhere? Don't know.

The plan is around May to erect the major remaining part of stone if possible, to make it more prominent.

Whilst on - a big thank you to Charles who amongst other things helps clear the site of any litter and makes sure the bin at the car park is emptied. His picture will appear on this site in due course so you can say hello if you meet him there.