Butte de Warlencourt


Looking downwards

The repainting is over. We are biaised but it looks good.

All the handrails and posts etc are now repainted

19 July 2019

A modern day fire!

The day the Butte caught fire!

New article now on Post 1914 section of this website!

29 June 2019

The new banner picture.

Butte website progress update - 20 June 2019

More sections added to web.

20 June 2019

Trench map of the area - can easily be seen from the Butte.

New article added to the Post 1914 history section

South African brigade at the Butte - October 1916

18 June 2019

First board inside entrance.

WFA information boards now all erected. Initial feedback very positive.

Initial feedback all mega positive

06 June 2019

The one and only Rob!

A lovely message from the very eminent Rob Thompson

The Miniature Gibraltar.

05 June 2019