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Main maintenance work on the Butte


Main maintenance work on the Butte

26 April 2022

Probably a bit later than expected the shrubbery etc at the Butte is now beginning to seriously grow. Some maintenance work was carried out in March but mid-May onwards will now see far more being carried out.

Items on the agenda include strimming, cutting back some branches, touching up some bits of paintwork on the handrails and supports, and the installation of some more grab poles at the top sections of the pathway. Higher up the list will be the repainting of the white paint step edging.

Over the next few months, we also envisage that we will replace around five to ten wooden pathway treads. We find it much easier to replace these just before they become problematic.

Bob is arriving on the Somme for a number of weeks in mid-May so if you are at the Butte and see him or Butte associate, Charles Crossan, working away, please say hello. It is far more likely the two of them will be sitting drinking coffee rather than working!

Normally maintenance work is done in the mornings or if its paintwork later in the evening when the site should be quieter.

Any work on the proposed new pathway will be the subject of separate newsletters.

The picture shows the tidying up of the contents of the parish notice board at the entrance.