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First maintenance stint completed


First maintenance stint completed

01 July 2022

The first main maintenance stint of the year at the Butte went pretty well indeed.

After a visit in March where nothing seemed to be growing, nature bounced back with a vengeance with significant growth of the bushes and long grass in April. As a result, strimming was hard going and took a bit longer than anticipated. Note in the diary, therefore, is to start a bit earlier next year!

Tasks carried out apart from beaucoup de strimming included in no fixed order: the replacement of various decayed pathway treads and supports, the red and white warning painting on the step edging, blue painting where appropriate of the new wood, the repainting of the car park stones and the tidying up of tree trunks.

Some work was also done on the establishment of a new pathway around the Butte with associate Charles Crossan spending a great amount of time and effort in chainsawing the opening of a vista from the bottom to top. All the pathway work is very initial work on a longer-term project but if you close your eyes and use a bit of imagination you can see the start of the pathway.

Things will now be allowed to grow again with the next maintenance stint being planned for mid-September. Very little painting will need to be carried out then hopefully so apart from the omnipresent strimming, the plan is to work a bit more on the new path.

All in all a successful stint and a big thank you to Charles. the various visitors to the Butte were well impressed. Some more wooden supports are to be replaced shortly. Those to be replaced are currently marked with black spray paint.