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Refreshing the website


Refreshing the website

14 July 2022

Our web guru Malcolm MacTavish has been pretty not well recently and spent a good few weeks in hospital. Although not 100% buzzing it is good to see him back on his feet again.

Bob met with Malcolm early this week to discuss a few ideas for refreshing this website and if things go to plan we aim to bring these into play over the next weeks.

Concepts include: revamping the history section to make it far more reader-friendly, videos playing on opening a page, a standardisation of fonts throughout the site, and the introduction of a new section.

All exciting stuff. We are keen to show more videos thus bringing the Butte and its surroundings to a viewer's screen. The history section will be indexed where articles will display separately etc.

Malcolm is seen sitting here making out he is working. He is not on his feet as above but sitting down! It's great to see him back in action!