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Is it getting closer - update of earlier article : June 2021


Is it getting closer - update of earlier article : June 2021

03 June 2021

The article below in inverted commas was written say a fortnight ago and being honest it looks like an early entrance into France without quarantining and covid test-taking is now as far away as it has been for ages.

The French this week stated that only those Brits a reason of the highest utmost importance can get into the country and when you do quarantine is still on. Covid tests before and after are very much still the norm.

France is unlocking gradually with for example bars opening up inside shortly. One can only hope that with the rates of vaccinations that they will relax the rules even to say anybody that has been double vaccinated can enter. Who knows is the answer.

Tonight ie Thursday 3 June the magic powers that be announced for example Portugal after three weeks as a Green visiting country was now Amber. With the stroke of a governmental pen, the plans of thousands of travelers get thrown into turmoil. More to follow but I reckon my chances of getting there in June are pretty slim. I am even worried about our lengthy stay planned for mid-August.

"One day it seems close, the next day miles away. The stories seem to change by the day as to the French entry requirements and to such topics, as will there or will there not be a Covid Passport,

As it stands the minute Bob can get into France without quarantining and necessarily taking covid tests he will. He has had both jabs will leave at a minute's notice, this is also made easier by Hotels in England opening next week allowing overnight stays en route to the Tunnel from Scotland.

Franch is still in lockdown and curfew so leaving the house outwith certain hours is a no-no. This however is to be relaxed shortly whereby areas such as more shops opening and outside dining will come into play. On entering the country currently, you have to have the covid test and then quarantine for a period. Similarly to leave France you currently will also need a covid test. France is not on the UK government's newly published Green for go list yet. There is no mention of covid passports for France being required however talk at the UK end could see these being easily added to an NHS app on your phone.

We genuinely think therefore that as restrictions both in the UK and France are lifted over the next few weeks the final bits of the travel to France travel jigsaw will be put in place and it will become a lot clearer. Fingers crossed. As things become clearer we will update this article.

Bob and family will also definitely be on the Somme mid-August for a while and hopefully, more visitors to the area will be about so perhaps some sort of meet-up around late August can be arranged.

In the interim at the Butte, however, paid maintenance to the top and car parking areas of the Butte continues. The erstwhile Butte associate Charles Crossan is wielding his chainsaw around the perimeter and the list of long-delayed to-do jobs is being dusted off ready to get started on them. All things being equal and entrance into France being allowed soon the remainder of 2021 will be Butte maintenance and the to-do list which has been delayed through nobody's fault. Next year - let us press on with considering some new concepts for improving the visitors' experience."