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Happy 100th birthday to Bannermans Paint Studio


Happy 100th birthday to Bannermans Paint Studio

19 July 2021

A very happy birthday indeed to Bannerman's Paint Studio in Tayside!

We have all been impressed at the paint used on the handrails etc on the Butte. It was recommended by Bruce Bannerman as being perfect for the Butte environment which goes from roasting in summer to freezing beyond belief in winter

The paint called Woodex hails from Scandinavia and although expensive has worked out really well. I am delighted to say that Bannermans helped with the project by giving us the paint at a discounted price.

The article which appeared in the Tayside newspaper called The Courier gives is a lovely summary of the firm's history. A close read will even see the Tottenham Hotspur and Dundee football icon mentioned, Alan Gilzean.