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Fingers crossed but looking good - update!


Fingers crossed but looking good - update!

09 August 2021

Update as at 9 August!!

Bob and his family have now made all the necessary bookings to arrive on the Somme mid-next week.

The Tunnel is booked, the NHS proof of double vaccines is to hand, the car insurance Green Card was obtained however ironically it is no longer required and the good news is that the covid test to leave the UK to enter France is no longer required also. It has certainly got a bit easier over the last few weeks. Henry, the mad dog is booked in for his animal health document required to enter France - the fee is a mere £250 for a piece of paper that lasts four months.

The paperwork, testing, etc for returning to the UK is also now a bit easier. You still have to get the covid test in France and covid tests when back in the UK however isolation on return is no longer required.

Maintenance of the Butte is high up the to-do list and getting the list cracked before winter hits would be the plan. Given a favourable wind, this will be feasible. We then have in essence for the first time in say two years, a clean start for next year instead of playing covid catch-up. Items to be attacked include: strimming, cutting back shrubs, painting handrails, etc, varnishing benches and red edging certain stair ends.

If you are about the area and see Bob or Butte associate Charles Crossan at the Butte please say hello. If ensure who is who Bob is the good looking one! We are sure a cup of coffee or beer could be arranged also.