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The 8 Durham light infantry 50th Division


The 8 Durham light infantry 50th Division

27 July 2021

Recently on Instagram, we published a couple of maps showing the fighting grounds around the Butte encountered by the 8 Durham Light Infantry of the 50th Division.

A couple of Butte followers asked if we could show them on the website also and as such we have great pleasure in doing so.

The first line drawing comes with the History of the 8 Durham light Infantry. All the main places are marked ie the Pimple, the German-occupied Gird Lines, Snag Trench, the Tail and Maxwell Trench, etc. Sorry about the fold lines on the map, that is the way it was sold.

The second image comes from the Official war diaries of the 8 Durham Light Infantry as obtained from the National Archives and shows a version of the same area as the line drawing. Green lines show boundaries with the green line on the left being the line of trees on the track leading from the Eaucourt l'Abbaye road to the Butte.

All really interesting and fascinating stuff. In the gallery section, we have put another view of the fields leading to the Butte as seen today.