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Paint for the Butte handrails, supports.


Paint for the Butte handrails, supports.

15 August 2021

Brilliant news.

Thanks to a wonderful donation to the cause by Butte associate Lee Morgan we now have enough paint to keep the handrails, supports on the main pathway of the Butte, etc looking pristine for a considerable amount of time.

Lee had a relative killed at the Butte in November 1916 so fuller details of this will be in the next Butte newsletter.

Apart from thanking Lee, we must again thank Bruce Bannerman of Bannerman colour studio in Dundee for supplying the specialist paint at a great price. Bruce is a true supporter of the Butte project.

The paint will arrive on the Somme with Bob and Julia next week thereafter we will then finish any Covid delayed repainting, touching up, etc needing to be carried out.

It's great knowing that we do not have to worry about supplies of paint now for a long time.