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Next Butte de Warlencourt Associates Newsletter


Next Butte de Warlencourt Associates Newsletter

06 October 2021

Great news!

The latest Associates newsletter was received from the printer last night and has already been posted to the Butte de Warlencourt associates. All going to plan it should be appearing through their doors from tomorrow onwards.

We are delighted that this latest edition is a bumper edition containing 12 sides of A4 in full colour along with a two-sided insert. One side of the insert shows the battlefields around the Butte as taken from the war diaries of the 151st Brigade. This would be a great tool for example for anyone visiting the area as it gives a guide as to where the main trenches were located.

How can anybody not resist getting this newsletter which is jammed packed with goodies about the Butte and more? The link to join as an Associate is at the top of this page. for a relatively modest annual fee, all new members will receive a welcome pack containing your plastic numbered membership card, your car sticker, recent past editions of the newsletter and your own glossy 7x5 picture of the Butte in WW1.