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Final maintenance stint of 2021


Final maintenance stint of 2021

15 October 2021

Bob Paterson and Associate Charles Crossan will be around the Butte a few mornings during the week commencing 8 November. Bob arrives on the Somme that day and the plan includes finishing any remaining maintenance tasks outstanding before winter comes in.

Given a favourable wind, if all goes to plan we will end the year with the maintenance status of the Butte being bang in line with where we had hoped for with all the covid backlog tasks ticked off the to-do list

Bob, Charles, and Charles's wife Blanche will also be attending the 11.00 am 11 November ceremony at the village of Warlencourt next to the Butte.

As usual, if you are in the area at that time and see Bob or Charles on or around the Butte, please say hello.