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The stone cross at the top of the Butte


The stone cross at the top of the Butte

24 November 2021

For ages now we had the problem of the resident Butte hares digging to their heart's content around the stone cross at the top of the Butte resulting in holes everywhere.

We tried various fixes to no avail. The hares just sat back and laughed at us.

Late summer however Bob and Julia basically dug the whole area up, set the stones in new earth and compost, and laid new grass seed. To stop our hare pals from getting back into the area we protected it with a green fence in essence making the area a version of Ground Under Repair as found on golf courses.

A visit in mid-November though showed the new grass was growing fine and the area looked as hoped. The grass on the Butte has stopped growing for winter however we decided to leave the protective fence in operation until around March-ish.

A wreath was laid at the Butte on 11 November 2021. The next day we moved the wreath into the fenced area simply to stop it from being blown away and also to keep it on display. It looks good. It's nice when a plan works.