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The end of the Butte's 'maintenance' year


The end of the Butte's 'maintenance' year

21 December 2021

Following the maintenance stint carried out by Bob and Charles Crossan in November, we are now at the end of the Butte's 2021 maintenance year.

It will start again in a few months as will the paid cutting of the grass at the top of the Butte and the car parking area.

We are delighted where we are in upkeep jobs done over the year especially as any tasks which were delayed by covid have now been carried out. This is good news. Areas covered include painting, replacing wooden treads and anti-slip treads, well-received changes to the top of the pathway, strimming, cutting back bushes, and the rest. We had hoped to give the grass one final cut in November however the adverse weather hit that on the head.

If you are visiting the Butte over winter, we truly hope you enjoy the visit. Life has become difficult once more with covid with all visitors from the UK to France pretty much out the window. hopefully, this will change soon.