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Special Associates Newsletter


Special Associates Newsletter

28 December 2021

The as promised 'special' Butte de Warlencourt Associates newsletter is currently at the printers and all going to plan will be despatched we reckon literally just after the New Year holiday. Watch out for it hitting the Associates' letterboxes soon.

The newsletter focuses on an announcement regarding the Butte which in time will seriously enhance the visitor's engagement with the Butte and the story it has to tell.

Very exciting times indeed. Once the associates receive the details, news of the planned thoughts will be shown here. If you cannot wait, how about joining as an associate -the link is at the top of the page!

The lovely photo of the faintly discernible Butte accompanied by the debris of war is taken from Swinton's book 'Twenty Years After - the 1914-1918 battlefields.