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We are now on Twitter - great news!


We are now on Twitter - great news!

16 January 2022

Great news for 2022 in that we have extended our social media presence to include apart from Instagram also Twitter.

The account is well up and running and even better news in that we have a good few followers. As you will see on the website we now have the Twitter icon at the bottom of the page which will take you (famous last words!) to our Twitter account the address of which is @ButteDeWar.

Go on and have a look!

So who is this fine good looking laddie you may ask? The erstwhile Martin Barry based in Sussex is now helping out the Butte de Warlencourt project on the admin side. He will in due course be getting involved in such areas as social media, web content and project work, etc. Martin has set up and is for example looking after Twitter. He will of course help with site maintenance and the rest when available. Apart from being a keen cyclist, Martin is a first-class WW1 photographer and is for example a regular contributor to the WFA calendar.