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Exciting development planned at the Butte to start this year


Exciting development planned at the Butte to start this year

17 January 2022

Ok - we are going for it!

After a fair bit of thought, and consideration, it's with great excitement that we can now announce that it is our plan this year to establish a brand new woodland pathway around the base of the Butte!

We are keen that visitors if they so wish can extent their visit and engage with the Butte even more so the plan, therefore, starting in the spring (of course Covid Allowing) is to develop a natural pathway around the perimeter where people for the first time ever can look up to the Butte from all angles and they can also be much closer to the location of key trenches such as Butte Alley, Butte Trench and more.

When finished visitors will have two options on arrival ie go straight up to the top of the Butte or turn right at a new entrance near the gate and follow the route around. The existing perimeter fence will form the right-hand barrier as such with the left-hand side of the path having a more natural barrier using cuttings, existing bushes, and more. We envisage a few benches on the route for visitors to sit have a rest and contemplate what happened here just over 100 years ago. There will also be a requirement for information tools/boards on the route including an anticipated Trench Location orientation board.

The project will take a bit of time to complete however it is an exciting development of the site without taking anything whatsoever away from it.

All going to plan, the initial work will start in the Spring and we aim to have it finished this year. Please keep checking this website for progress!