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Visit by Carl Greener to the Butte and surrounds


Visit by Carl Greener to the Butte and surrounds

26 January 2022

Many thanks to Carl Greener a Twitter follower of the Butte project for kindly supplying us pictures of the Butte and surroundings taken in 2016 when Carl and his father visited the Butte on the 100th anniversary of when his Grandfather R.W. Pitt of the 8th Battalion the Durham Light Infantry who was killed in the famous attack of 5 November 1916.

This attack actually saw the Durhams on the Butte before ultimately being forced under severe German pressure to return back to their assembly trenches. The 6, 8, and 9 Durhams battalions were involved.

These pictures can be seen in the Gallery section of the website and are well worth a look.