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Good start to Maintenance year on Butte


Good start to Maintenance year on Butte

03 April 2022

The maintenance for 2022 started on the Butte recently where over a course of a week various tasks were started or indeed finished. The weather was unseasonably warm during the day however was seasonally cold at night!

No strimming was carried out as basically it did not need done at the moment. Bob will be out at the Butte in early May for a number of weeks so we envisage that the strimming will definitely commence then. The first cut of the grass at the top and bottom car park areas was carried out, instantly making those areas look better. Paid maintenance of the cutting of these grass areas now takes place twice a month between now and November.

The four benches on-site were varnished and looked great as was the small Smith memorial beside the pathway to the top. The protective green fencing around the stone cross at the top was removed to reveal perfectly growing new grass.

Overall a great start however there will be more work required when the shrubbery really starts growing. High up the list also is repainting the step edges especially the white warning edging. As above Bob will be on the Somme for a number of weeks in May so these areas and others on the to-do list will be knocked off. Further details of the May visit to follow shortly on this site as a news item.