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Butte de Warlencourt logoicon showing 3 bars, indicating a link to a menu


Apparently near to Sailly Saillisel?

Help requested!

Where is the exact location of this picture?

11 August 2022

The newsletter, article and leaflet ready to go in envelopes

Latest Butte de Warlencourt Associates Newsletter

Posted today - 10 August 2022

10 August 2022

Items found near the Butte by farmers awaiting collection

This website -

Upgrades currently in progress - August 2022

10 August 2022

New handrails and posts at the top of the Butte

Replacing decayed handrails and posts

Got to keep the site looking nice!

14 July 2022

Our web guru Malcolm MacTavish

Refreshing the website

Aiming to bring in a few enhancements

14 July 2022

New member package

The next Butte Associates newsletter

Aiming for delivery through letter boxes end of first week in August 2022

14 July 2022

A nice tidy bit of strimming!

First maintenance stint completed

All went pretty much to plan

01 July 2022

The very faded text on board one.

The first Information board on the pathway

New vinyl overlay to be ordered

01 July 2022

From the Courier of 2 May 2022

Nice article in the Dundee Courier re the Butte

Good bit of pr for the Butte and the new book!

05 May 2022

One of the three new signs

New road signage at the Butte!

3 new signs erected by the Pas de Calais authorities

05 May 2022

The Parish Notice board was tidied up recently.

Main maintenance work on the Butte

Main stint will commence mid May 2022

26 April 2022

At a bookshop near you!

Butte de Warlencourt, Martinpuich and Le Sars

Battleground Somme book - now on sale, at last !

04 April 2022

One of the four newly varnished benches

Good start to Maintenance year on Butte

Various tasks successfully carried out

03 April 2022

Very probably strimming can wait until May to start.

Spring arrives so its maintenance start time!

Bob around the Butte wc 21 March for a week

18 March 2022

Part of the planned route

New Planned Pathway around Butte - further details

Aim to start work before the end of March 2022

16 February 2022