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Grave marker R W Pitt of 8 D.L.I. killed 5 November 1916

Visit by Carl Greener to the Butte and surrounds

Grandfather of 8 DLI was killed there in attack of 5 November 1916

26 January 2022

The east side of the Butte. The main trenches were in this location.

Exciting development planned at the Butte to start this year

The establishment of a new natural pathway around the bottom of the

17 January 2022

There is no doubt strimming will be required!

New event in the Events Section

Bob will be on Butte in March to plan the plan

16 January 2022

A clean shaven Martin. The things one does for work I.D. photos.

We are now on Twitter - great news!

The Butte now has Instagram and Twitter accounts

16 January 2022

Located near to G...??

Can anybody help?

Any information greatly appreciated.

10 January 2022

Exciting news for the Associates before everybody else

Now in the post

An exciting announcement!

02 January 2022

The Butte overlooks the debris of war.

Special Associates Newsletter

Will be posted very early in the new year.

28 December 2021

The King on top of the Butte

Christmas Greetings!

Look forward to hopefully seeing you next year at the Butte

23 December 2021

We close the year bang on target.

The end of the Butte's 'maintenance' year

A field of leaves at the car park area

21 December 2021

The stone cross, protective fencing and the new grass growing

The stone cross at the top of the Butte

New grass is growing nicely

24 November 2021

Charles laying the wreath at the Butte.

Remembrance day at the Butte

Various local activities

15 November 2021

The rather splendid looking wreath

November Commemorations

Butte Associates wreath ready to go to France

22 October 2021

The work in progress!

Repairs to the pathway to the top of the Butte

Some treads and foundations had seen better days

15 October 2021

The area outside the gate into the Butte

Final maintenance stint of 2021

All going to plan we will have caught up with all Covid delayed maintenance will

15 October 2021

The newsletter and insert!

Next Butte de Warlencourt Associates Newsletter

Bumper autumn edition now posted to Associates

06 October 2021