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from La Voix du Nord

An All Black discovery

Great grand father was in the war

07 September 2023

Gillian Will of Keillor graphics with the vinyls

New vinyl overlays for the information boards on the Butte

Now purchased and ready to put in place in October

06 September 2023

Article from Voix du Nord newspaper

Unveiling of new memorial plaque

Took place on 2 September in Vis-en-Artois

04 September 2023

Big question - what will the grass be like?

Butte - autumn maintenance session

Only a few weeks away now!

04 September 2023

The leaflets proudly on display

Butte de Warlencourt flyers

On display at Thiepval

01 September 2023

Look ace to me!

Wait for it!

Scheduled for 7 October in Arras

29 August 2023

top of article

Centre d'interpretation Vignacourt

Published in La Voix du Nord

29 August 2023

In the post yesterday

Summer 2023 Butte Associates newsletter

Newsletter plus attachments posted yesterday

06 August 2023

Strimming will be a priority in September

The second and last main maintenance stint of the year at the Butte

will start mid September

06 August 2023

The start of the strimming of the left side.

Back in Scotland

First and main Butte maintenance stint now complete

10 July 2023

The one and only Rob

Rob Thompson

Death of valued Butte Associate and true friend

05 July 2023

Two visitors to the Butte from Australia along with their Belgium tour guide

Slowly but surely

The end is in sight ...ish

15 June 2023

We are starting to varnish the benches on site

Its June already

Update as to where we are re maintenance tasks at the Butte

04 June 2023

Charles Crossan replacing a support pole

Maintenance update - 19 May 2023

Not quite going to plan ish

19 May 2023

The result of session one.

Strimming has started but!

Rain stops play though rather shortly thereafter

08 May 2023