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The chainsaw flashing blade - Charles Crossan

Maintenance has started again

Charles giving the bush at the entrance a hair cut!

03 September 2021

Bruce loading the paint into the car for transportation to the Butte

Paint for the Butte handrails, supports.

Wonderful donation from Butte associate Lee Morgan

15 August 2021

Henry in shock at his £250 animal health cert fee to enter France!

Fingers crossed but looking good - update!

Henry about to bite the vet for charging £250 for a certificate.

09 August 2021

Well worth a visit

Deborah the tank is on display at Flesquieres!

The 1917 Cambrai tank - article in Voix du Nord

28 July 2021

This accompanies the book History of the 8 Durham Light Infantry

The 8 Durham light infantry 50th Division

By popular request - maps covering plan of attacks

27 July 2021

A very proud Bill Bannerman

Happy 100th birthday to Bannermans Paint Studio

Helped with cost of paint used on Butte

19 July 2021

Non slip treads now in place following changes to the pathway

Good news - work has started on the Butte jobs to do list!

Everything was delayed due to covid except routine grass cutting

06 July 2021

The dreaded test results!

Travelling to France - June/July 2021

A plethora of paperwork

29 June 2021

The sign says it all.

Is it getting closer - update of earlier article : June 2021

Entering France - hopefully sooner than later

03 June 2021

by E.W. Short The Durham Light Infantry

Durham Light Infantry - Story of the Regiment

1943 booklet - sold for prisoner of war fund

12 May 2021

Front cover etc.

Fronts Lines and Trenches - Project Beaumont Hamel

Impressive booklet indeed.

25 April 2021

Now and then on the Butte pathway

Lockdown or versions of life as at mid April 2021

Uk getting better but France still in lockdown

23 April 2021

Aerial overlay showing German gun emplacements at the Butte

Fronts Lines and Trenches website

A new mutual association

22 April 2021

Extract from the Voix du Nord November 2011

Anniversary News!

The Hawker Memorial in nearby Ligny Thilloy

14 April 2021

Architects final drawings of the Montgomery grave memorial

Former Montgomery private memorial near Eaucourt l'Abbaye

Removed in the 1960's

21 March 2021